Welcome to the Kingdom of the Puppets!

About Us

Prague Puppet Museum hosts a permanent exhibition of Czech-Finnish stop-motion projects, including film decorations, animation puppets and props.

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Visit the Museum

You can visit the museum by appointment. We are open for groups from 3 up to 12 people, and you can book your visit via info@nukkemuseo.org

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Photo Gallery

Take a look at our collections, the puppet animation filming process, and some of the animation puppets of Film Cooperative Cagliostro.

Visit the Gallery

Welcome to visit our exhibitions and collections at the beautiful Baroque house in Mikulandska street, Prague 1. We also arrange special evenings with Moravian wine tasting and with farmer´s cheeses and other local specialities - with curated screenings of classic puppet films.

Info and reservations via info@nukkemuseo.org